Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Trailer Review Here it is, the very first official trailer for Marvels upcoming release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Let’s get right into right. So we start off with back and forth between Cap and Black Widow, apparently the new power couple of the Marvel Universe. I liked it, I think Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson have some pretty good chemistry and I’m interested to see how their relationship will play out throughout the movie considering some pretty major plot points hinted at which we’ll get into later. Cap jumps out of the back of plane, again, this time sans parachute and into the water which I’m guessing is leading up to the scene talked about in interviews where Cap single handedly seizes control of an enemy boat.


Right off the bat and throughout the trailer we get a pretty good look at Caps new Shield Issued suit, which I just love. I think it’s a major improvement over the quite frankly ridiculous outfit in The Avengers.


Next up we get a few shots of DC where the movie will be primarily set and our first look at acting legend Robert Redford as Shield top brass giving Steve a pep talk. Whilst I really enjoyed this trailer it does seem like you can deduce the entire plot already. I may be wrong but here’s what I’m thinking in broad strokes. Cap is adjusting to his new life as an active Shield operative in the modern world, far gone are the black and white days of WW2 where good and evil were clearly defined, now Steve must fight in a world where the government sees fit to sacrifice certain civil liberties for the greater good, which obviously doesn’t sit well with Cap ‘This isn’t freedom it’s fear’. Robert Redfords character will obviously be Caps antithesis, his polar opposite and eventually Shield itself will turn against Cap (the elevator scene).


Shield much like Tony Stark have obviously been responding the post alien invasion climate by stock piling a metric fuck ton of hellicarriers underneath DC, and I’m guessing that it’s not The Winter Soldier who brings down the hellicarrier we see in the trailer but Cap himself. Honestly I would not be surprised if they end up tampering with The Winter Soldiers origin and make him one of Shields dirty little secrets much like the tesseract arsenal in the Avengers, again making Cap question his allegiances. Clearly the Falcon buddies up with Cap but what about Black Widow, does she stand by Cap or with Shield? I’ve got to say this is easily the most excited I’ve been for a Marvel movie since The Avengers. Especially given that this movie has been described as the most crucial leading into The Avengers: Age of Ultron.


A few last points, the elevator scene looked great I love that they’re really making Cap a serious threat, the fist fight with The Winter Soldier looks intense, Falcon wow. Everything looks great. Really can’t wait to see more


Enders Game – Review



So here it is the worst movie I’ve seen this year by a long shot.  The major problems with this movie are twofold, first is the plot. I’m sure when the book first came out in 1985 (which I haven’t read by the way) it presented some pretty novel ideas but in regards to the movie we’ve come a long way since then. The entire premise just feels incredibly cliché and almost every major narrative turning point seemed like I’d seen it played out 100 times before in various different forms of media and done much better than it is here.

As is becoming increasingly frequent in Hollywood Enders Game is just another movie focused more on special effects than it is on emotional engagement which leads me to the movies second major fault: the cast. A lot of people have described this movie as Harry Potter in space, which I think is pretty accurate in more ways than one and not in a good way. Like the early Harry Potter movies the primary cast here are all incredibly young and as such do not carry the movie very well. This isn’t necessarily a criticism of their acting abilities but as children they just lack the life experience required to believably portray the gamut of emotions required of them. As it turns out this is kind of big deal when your story is centered on a bunch of kids. Which by the way is never adequately explained in the movie, if Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are the ones training these little punks why can’t they just lead Earths forces instead? I mean come on, who would you really want defending the planet. A bunch of preteens or someone with a lifetime of real world experience?  The threat was also never really fleshed out and as such just felt like an afterthought and the whole of Enders journey felt pretty needless. 


Ultimately this movie was just really boring and is starting to become a trend for Writer/Director Gavin Hood, previous efforts including X-Men Origins: Wolverine the worst X-Men movie ever produced, perhaps Enders Game signifies that perhaps Hood should call it quits in terms of big budget Hollywood movies. Don’t go see Enders Game. End of