Superman/Batman team up movie

ImageYurp, it’s not even April Fools or nothing.

First things first I legit called this right before Man of Steel dropped. I swear on my mothers life.

In a discussion about how DCs cinematic gameplan would roll out to compete with the uber success of Marvel and the Avengers. Man of Steel being the first in the newly established shared universe made total sense but how they would progress was always going to be the real story. Could they really just copy the Marvel formula step for step. If not then how would they ever get to the eventual Justice League? 

Well let’s see what the one biggest trump that DC has over Marvel? Hmm I dunno maybe the single most popular comic book character all of time? 

The Batman reboot was inevitable and they really just didn’t have the luxury of time on their hands to have him just sit around and wait. But as an audience there’s really no way we’re about to sit through another standard origin story for the bat. They had to bring him into the universe but how do they do it so soon after the Nolanverse? Well this is how. World’s Finest movie. 

Supes has been established in the world, we know Bruce Wayne is out there. All that’s left to be seen is at what stage in his Bat career is when he meets the big blue boy scout? 

Now let’s just take a quick second to express some feels. UUUURRRGHRGH. Can. Not. Wait.

Honestly I’m probably more exicted about this than I would be about a Justice League movie. I lurv me some Batman and I like Supes a whole lot also and I really do think of all the comic book buddy cop scenarios Bruce and Clark has always been the most interesting. 

Whilst I really didn’t think much of the Man of Steel, I can definitely see the potential for a truly epic DCU movie and really can’t think of much to make me squeal with nerd joy than seeing these 2 characters sharing the screen together. 

And one more thing can we officially say now that 2015 will be the greatest year for nerd related movies ever? I mean come on.


Batman Arkham Origins – Screenshot Analysis



Pretty good look head on at the new design of the Batsuit. I’m really digging the new look, clearly inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. More of an armored battle suit, black chest emblem, shorter ears on the cowl and no yellow utility belt. Whilst I like the Arkham City look I’ve always preferred shorter ears and the more modern armored suits. Although since this is a prequel it does raise the question of why Batman would decided to ditch a clearly more heavily armored ( and cooler looking batsuit) for the one we see in Asylum and Arkham City??



Batman beating the shit out of some Penguin Goons. Free Flow combat will be returning hopefully with a few more animations and combo tricks/gadgets thrown in to keep things fresh. 



Good look at Batman vs Deathstroke. Really excited to see how they handle these encounters. I think the choice of Deathstroke as a primary antagonist is really smart as they’re really well suited and similar to each other in terms of training and abilities. 


The Dark Knight facing down some armed thugs in the snowy streets of Gotham. I think the choice to set the game at Christmas eve is really inspired, feeling a real Shane Black vibe going on with the lights and decorations in the environment. 


Closer look at Deathstroke striking a pose on a roof top with an extraordinarily large moon shining down. Could Deathstroke be a playable character in challenge mode? 


This is my favourite image released so far, Batman striking a really iconic pose overlooking the streets of Gotham. Can’t wait for this game.